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Journeys: Samples of Travel in British and American Fictions

Stok Kodu: 9786257686006


Due to the author’s motivation, travel literature is significantly orgiastic fiction and provides readers with assorted information by courtesy of a sweet and straightforward language. By reading travel literature with the narrator’s gaze, we go through deep valleys and high mountains, visit abandoned villages through tye rivers and oceans, and get acquainted with people and their rituals. We hear with the author’s ears and see through his eyes. Travel literature reports the author’s mentality about the esoteric matter and doctrinal through a series of adventurous coincidence in a fictional narrative. These selected chapters of well-known masterpieces in English provides an opportunity for students of British and American literature to read exciting parts of these fictions with the theme of ‘journey.’ This book is a semi concise anthology of travel literature in English, in which selected chapters from English and American masterpieces celebrated an inosculation of significant works of travel literature.





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1. Basım

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Aralık – 2020

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Karton Kapak

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En x Boy (cm)


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