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Democrat Party Era in British Embassy Annual Reports (Internal-External-Economic Affairs) (1950-1960)

Stok Kodu: 9786258187984


British Archival Documents have an important place in the studies on Turkish history. In recent research on the history of Turkey, this importance has increased even more. Considering that between 1918 and 1923, Britain’s status in Turkey was as an invader with supreme control, the source of this importance is better understood. British archives are the most widely used official archives in the world, due to the fact that the UK opens official archive documents to researchers in a timely and practical manner, as well as the convenience shown to historians and the fact that English is a common language. The High Commissioners or Ambassadors have extensively reported on the events between the two countries while carrying out all kinds of relations between the UK and the Ottoman State in the past, and the Republic of Turkey now. These reports included different periods: daily, weekly, monthly and annual. Of course, when deemed necessary, there were also reports written regardless of the time intervals in question.



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