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Monetary Policy

Stok Kodu: 978-625-8187-23-6


Economic activities are a phenomenon that has always existed among
people since the birth of humanity, but encountered in different ways. In the
framework of the changing world order, the order of purchase and sale of
services and goods has affected people’s daily lives by varying. In the economic
process that started in the late 1970s and covered a long period until the end of
the 1990s, all countries of the world, especially developed countries,
implemented various economic reforms by following liberal policies in their
financial systems. This process has been called the “financial liberalization
system” in general, and governments have affected the economy with their
decisions in different periods.
The liberalization process, which is the most basic principle of the
economic order, continued to show its maximum effect, especially in the late
1990s, although the applicability of a coordinated time planning in the world
conjuncture was poorly achieved. With the re-developing world order within the
framework of the globalization phenomenon, the rate of integration of the
countries that continued their development process into the new economic
system increased and the market volume expanded, and as a disadvantageous
result of this situation, market vulnerabilities reached the highest level.



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