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The Name of A Historical Geography: İskilip “History, Culture and Space”

Stok Kodu: 9786258187977


The fertile lands of Anatolia have been the scene of countless civilizations throughout its thousands of years of history. These civilizations have taken different names from ancient times to the present day and have left rich and varied traces behind. In the globalizing and non-differentiated world, these traces are being rasped and erased more and more every day. İskilip is a historical castle that has survived this rapid and brutal change. İskilip is a brief summary of the thousands of years of civilization history that has survived to the present day. İskilip, which has preserved its vitality in almost every period throughout history, has been one of the centers of culture, architecture, literature, art and science. It has become famous in history as the “city of scholars”. İskilip has raised important figures who shape the history of Anatolia. The number of studies examining Iskilip from an academic point of view is quite low. There is not yet any academic study about İskilip written in a language other than Turkish. For this reason, it is hoped that this study will play an important role in filling this gap in the literature. This study aims to record the natural, historical and cultural values of the city not only in terms of Anatolia, but also as a world heritage and transfer it to future generations.



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