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Call for Book Chapters: “Propaganda of Labor Parties around the World, Past and Present”

16 Mart 2023

Call for Book Chapters: “Propaganda of Labor Parties around the World, Past and Present”

Editors Dr. Kazım Tolga Gürel – Canver Çelik

Paradigma Akademi Press invites book chapter proposals to be included in a forthcoming scholarly volume on “Propaganda of Labor Parties around the World, Past and Present.”

Scholars working in the fields of Social Sciences, Media and Communication Studies, Liberal Arts, Law, Political Philosophy, Political History, Political Science, Humanities Studies, Gender Studies and Propaganda are invited to submit papers on the following topics, especially on labor parties and trade unions in their country, region or continent:

Today’s Labor Parties and Propaganda

-Labor Parties and the Media

-Propaganda Prohibitions

-Workers’ Parties and Their Historical Newspapers and Pamphlets

-Labor Parties and Gender Politics

-Labor Parties and Animal Rights

-Propaganda of Labor Parties in the context of Past and Present

Paradigma Akademi is a Turkish publishing house with international status and distinguished academic publications in recent years.

The book will be published in English and Turkish, and the editors will translate the articles into Turkish. Two expert referees will select the abstracts, and the full text of 6000-8000 words will be requested from the authors. After publication, it will be published as an e-book in “Open Access” format for academic citation. It will be translated into Turkish in order to meet the broad academic population in Turkey. Upon the request of the authors, it will also be available in English as a classic edition. It will also be promoted on international book platforms. In order to cover the publishing, translation, promotion and editorial costs of the book, a minimum contribution will be charged to all authors selected for publication.

Please send a title and keywords along with an abstract of no more than 300 words to the Editor Dr Kazım Tolga Gürel, at kazimtolgagurel78@gmail.com by August 1 2023.

Deadline for abstract submission: August 1, 2023

Acceptance Announcement Date: August 15, 2023

Full-text submission date: December 15, 2023

Dr Kazım Tolga Gürel, the book editor, can be contacted for any issues related to the book’s publication.